Who We Are

Progress to Health is a non-government organisation that's supported people with their mental health or disability for almost 25 years.

  Funded by the Ministry of Social Development, Waikato District Health Board and Taranaki District Health Board, Progress to Health supports around 900 people each year, with community based services throughout the Waikato, Taranaki and Taupo.

Our team are flexible, inclusive, responsive and passionate about the work we do.  We can help you develop your own personal plan and suggest activities, training and events to help you succeed.

Board of Trustees

Andrew Corkill

Hayley Brooke

Mark Etheridge

Cheri-Lee Atkinson

Hayley Arnet

David Slone

Josh Maniam

Mark Brown


Executive and Leadership Team

Karen Covell

Chief Executive

Jackie Hart

Service and Development Manager

Vanessa Foster

Team Leader - Waikato & Taranaki

Patty Posthuma

Team Leader  - Waikato and Taupo



Nicolle Zimmerman

Business Support Coordinator

Leah Morris

Administration Assistant

Celia Thompson

PressGo Facilitator

Deli Connell

PressGo Facilitator

Waikato Service Team

Jen Conway

Hiring Soon

Collette Bond

Tanya Ryan

Seth Marinan

Nicole Rusk

Taranaki Service Team

Sue Healy

Sky Mattock

Consumer Resource and Information Services

Raissa Ringer

Thomas Joseph

Christine Mears

Naomi Drower

Tony Kong

Rainbow-Rose Blossom

Take Part - Vocational and Transition from School (MSD)

Hargan Houpapa-Frost

Deval Patel

Amy Bullough

Sharna Fulton

Richard Turnbull


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