Collette and 100k,s in 30 days.

Introducing Collette, who works in our Tokoroa office

Collette explains why she has chosen to support this below:

I have decided to do the 100kms for 30 days because the word "Cancer" can be earth-shattering, everyone hears about it but doesn't think that they'll be the one to have it happen to them. Recently I have had many experiences with women who have either fought breast cancer and won or are undergoing the fight with chemo and surgical measures. They all inspired me so much because of their resilience and determination to keep living even when the effects of chemo almost debilitated them. So Because of these amazing woman I have come across in my life I have decided to complete a physical challenge of 100kms in 30 days by running, walking etc. to help raise funds for breast cancer research and support from survivors themselves.

If you wish to support Collette with a donation please click the link below.


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