Creating healthy and vibrant work environments

At PressGo, we understand the importance of workplace training. There are a lot of benefits to upskilling your team, including:

  • Productivity – well trained staff know what to do and how to do it. The quality of work improves, as can the quantity
  • Morale – when staff members are well trained and feel like they know how to do their role, then they are more likely to feel comfortable and satisfied with the company
  • Independence – when your staff feel comfortable with their tasks and roles, they need less time with their managers, freeing them up to be more productive

Public Workshops:

Wellbeing in the Workplace:
- Mental Health First Aid for the Workplace - dates start in April 2018
- Workplace Stress - dates start in June 2018

We also offer a range of in-house solutions, from workshops to policy support to workplace wellbeing programs. These can be tailored to the needs of your workplace, and we are happy to work alongside you team with new ideas.

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If you would like to audit or improve the wellness of your business and personnel, please contact us.