What you can expect:

Our vision is to create 'communities without barriers' and we believe in being flexible, inclusive and responsive in each part of the service.

This means the service you receive from us will reflect your own individual needs and aspirations - whatever new skill or activity you want.

We will support you to develop your own personal plan and suggest various activities, training or events that will increased your chances of achieving your goal.

Where possible the support you will receive will be in your own community. You can access support for as long as you need, but we do ask you to be active in working on your goals

We will ensure your chosen activities promote your recovery and include the people you want to be involved e.g. family, partners and friends.

Day Activity and Living Skills Service
Our Day Activity and Living Skills Facilitators assist people to develop their life, living skills and enjoy relationships with others.

With your goals in mind, we aim to contribute to the following outcomes:
- Active participation in activities in the community;
- Increased confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance and autonomy;
- Development and maintenance of work skills and routines;
- Greater stability of lifestyle;
- Increased social ‘connectedness’ and sense of belonging; and
- Fulfilment of self-expression in arts and creative/recreational pursuits.

Vocational Services
Our Vocational Support Services team specialise in supporting people living with mental health or disability to access training, employment and become more involved in their local communities.  Our service includes support for people receiving assistance for Very High Needs.

Consumer Resource and Information
The recovery-orientated service is provided by people with experience of mental health and / or addiction and offers:
- up to date and accessible information, education and resources on recovery, harm reduction and how to get the best out of services;
- support to people to access services;
- development or maintenance of strong links with peer support networks and mental health services;
- access to Consumer Advocates 

Transition from School 
Our Transition from School team work to provide an uninterrupted movement of disabled students in their last year of school into post-school education, employment and/or community services and activities and to ensure there is a coordinated plan implemented to assist the student with achieving their transition goals.

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